Tales From the Leaf Pile: A Holiday Road Devotional


It’s that time of year when the evenings turn crisp and the leaves begin to glow.  Welcome to fall!

Come celebrate the season, and the God who created it in these twenty-five light-hearted devotions.  In this second book in the Holiday Road Devotional Series we will take a look at the the classic comforts of fall and how they can deepen our faith and make us laugh at ourselves along the way.

We’ll go apple picking, take a hayride to the pumpkin patch and stuff our face with s’mores as we travel down the holiday road, discovering that the God who gives us the capacity to enjoy his amazing seasons wants us to enjoy a relationship with himself most of all.

This Holiday Road devotional will take you on a journey through fall with stops along the way at Halloween, Thanksgiving and even a bonus Christmas devotion to prepare you for the season to come.

Tales From the Leaf Pile will be available in paperback and ebook Oct 1st.