Renovation of the Heart

We have two dressers in our bedroom that looked like they were ready for the dumpster.  They’d already been around the block a time or two when we inherited them fifteen years ago and moved them into our first apartment.   We were grateful to have them, but it didn’t take long before they started showing their age.   

After three moves, two kids and a cat, who used them as his favorite scratching post, I thought we were going to have to trash them and start over. 

The only problem was that we didn’t have any money.  We couldn’t actually afford new furniture, and even if we did manage to save up the cash, the stuff we could buy just wouldn’t be as solid.  These dressers were old, banged up, scratched and gouged, but at least they were made of real wood.   They’re no fun to move, but they’re not going to fall apart any time soon. 

They were just scarred and ugly. 

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