The Official Guide to Magic Moments

I was so excited about our trip to Walt Disney World that as soon as we’d scheduled it, I ran right out and bought a travel guide to help me plan our trip.  I’d never been to Disney so I wanted to make the most of every second we were there.  When you go to the bookstore, though, you’ll find about five million guidebooks to the Disney parks, official, unofficial and everything in between.  I think it took more time to pick the book than we actually spent at the Magic Kingdom.

But, finally, my diligent search paid off.  I found a guidebook that had this incredible touring schedule that would allow me take advantage of traffic patterns and hit the attractions in just the right order to wait in the shortest lines.  It was a masterpiece of efficiency. 
Unlike the uneducated masses, I now had in my possession valuable insider information that would maximize every precious minute in Orlando. 
I’m not going to lie to you.  It wouldn’t be easy.  I told my wife that we’d have to minimize time-wasters like bathroom breaks and meals.  But if were committed, if we stayed on schedule, we would be pack in about three weeks worth of magical memories into five days. 
Isn’t that what vacations are all about?