BMX Jesus

I don’t know what kind of trouble this kid was in, but his dad refused to stop looking for him.  Dads are like that.  At least good dads are.

I met them at the park on Saturday when I’d taken my girls on a walk.  I saw the kid when we first arrived.  I’m guessing he was maybe a high school freshman, maybe just a big middle schooler, either way too big for the playground.  He sat on the swings talking to a couple of girls and left soon after we arrived.

My wife said she thought she’d overheard them say something about a missing wallet and someone calling the police.

A few minutes later the kid’s dad pulled up on bicycle and flagged me down.

“Have you seen some teenagers up here?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I said.  “They just left.”

“That’s my boy.” he said.  “If he comes back, keep your eye on him.  He’s been in some trouble.”

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