Drop Off Dad

Back to school time can be a difficult season filled with anxiety, tears and sleepless nights. I am, of course, talking about parents.  The kids are usually fine after the first five minutes, but some of us moms and dads are absolute basket cases.

I speak from experience.  Here is my record so far:

1. First day of preschool, minor basket case
2. First day of kindergarten, major basket case.
3. First day of first grade, official Longaberger representative

Here’s the problem.  We had our kids at home for the first three years of their lives.  The only people to watch them were family and close friends.  Then came the day we had to drop them off with total strangers and just walk away.  For overprotective parents like us it’s a horrible feeling of releasing control and trusting your kid into the hands of someone else.

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