Thanksgiving Challenge Day 2

This is the second in a series of short, daily posts I’m writing between now and Thanksgiving in an effort to establish a lifestyle of thankfulness.  If you’d like to take the challenge too, leave a comment about what you’re thankful for below.

I can’t even begin to describe the sunrise I saw on my way into work this morning, but I’ll try.  I drive through a short stretch of farmland surrounded by rolling hills of Kentucky bluegrass.  Just as I dropped into a valley, the sun broke over the horizon to my left and washed over a frost covered pasture.  To my right it lit up the fiery reds and oranges of huge maple trees covering the hillside.   I felt like I was in a painting.  How many scenes like this has God crafted over the years?  Incredible.


I’m thankful that You take my breath away, thankful for your artistry, thankful I got to start my day with such a spectacular moment, thankful that I get live another day in Your world.



What the most beautiful moment in nature you’ve ever seen?