Looking for Some Fun Stuff About Faith for Your New Kindle, Nook or iPad?

If you suspect God may be much funnier and way cooler than anyone gives Him credit, check out The Life Less Traveled and discover a God you’d actually like to hang out with.  Holy and awesome?  You bet.  Boring and lame?  Not ever.    

Ready for a fresh look at faith?  Maybe it’s time to leave the beaten path and take a shot at living a life less traveled. 

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Navigating Life

You know you’re getting old when your young friends ridicule your low-tech lifestyle.  Yesterday, I took a road trip to Nashville with three guys from my church.  All of them are younger than me.  All of them have iPhones.   I, on the other hand, have an old-fashioned, non-internet surfing, beat up cell phone that I think was a prototype used by Bill Gates when he started Microsoft in his garage a couple of decades ago.  

I don’t have a GPS either.  I don’t like GPS’s because I don’t trust them.   I once had a GPS route me through one of the worst neighborhoods in Atlanta simply because computers have no common sense.    The shortest distance between two points is not through gangland crossfire.    

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