Seven-Year-Old Security Guard

I was working in an elementary room in our church one Sunday when I noticed a second grade boy standing up in the back row of kids.  All of the other children were sitting quietly, listening to the teacher in the front of the room.

I walked up to him and said, “Hey buddy, I need you to have a seat with everyone else.”

He eyed the crowd, stone-faced with his arms crossed.  “Can’t,” he said.  “I’m working security.”

Oh, of course, I thought.  I must have missed his badge.  I felt much safer knowing I had a CIA-trained seven-year-old patrolling the mean streets of children’s church.

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The Mark of Zorro

Okay, I admit it.  I was Zorro.  I know masked heroes are supposed to keep their secret identities on the down-low, but I have to share my story.   The Halloween of my third grade year I was obsessed with Zorro.  He was like Batman on horseback.  Dapper gentleman Don Diego by day, mysterious, black-clad vigilante by night. 

That was pretty much how I rolled. 

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