Eye In the Sky

If you want to get some perspective on your life, check out Google Earth.  Have you seen this thing?  Just hop on a computer, smart phone or tablet, put in your address and, bam!  You zoom in from an outer space, satellite view of the earth to a close-up view of your house with your car in the driveway and everything.  Big Brother isn’t just watching.  He’s taking pictures and showing all of his friends.

It’s both a little freaky and pretty darn cool.  How amazing is it to be able to just punch in your address and instantly see your house from the sky?

I’m convinced one of these days I’m going to Google my house and see myself in the back yard doing something dumb like catching the lawn mower on fire.  Not that that’s ever happened, but I’m sure if it did, it would be just the moment the Google satellites would snap the picture.

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