Man of Steel

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A few weeks ago, I posted this question on Facebook:  what’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word  “dad?”   Some people responded with single word answers like unshakable, trustworthy, and love.

Still others had to elaborate even more, as if one word couldn’t sum up their memories of their fathers.  Here’s what they said:

“Strength.  He would protect his family no matter what.  Nothing could stop him.”

“Magical.  He could fix anything and make the scary monsters in my room disappear.”

“Dependable.  Always there no matter what the reason is.”

“Protector . . . especially if I had a scary dream.”

“I don’t have a word that comes to mind, but instead a picture of holding hands with my dad.”

“I can picture him on our tractor mowing . . . cutting wood in the fall to heat our home through the winter.“

“Soft shoe dancing wherever and whenever the music hits.”

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Daily Bread

For the last six months my three year old daughter Kate has refused to go to sleep without a slice of bread.  She doesn’t always eat it.  Usually she just takes a bite and sets it by her pillow in case she needs it.  I’m sure it totally negates the effect of brushing her teeth before bed, and all the dentists reading this either now condemn me as a bad parent or hope I start bringing my family’s business to their office.   

The other bad part about Kate’s nocturnal bread addiction is the fact that every morning we have to brush a couple of tablespoons of crumbs off of her sheets.  I’m guessing if you looked under the corner of her bed you’d either find enough crumbs to make a pan of Thanksgiving stuffing or one happy mouse. 

I appreciate that Kate doesn’t get greedy with the bread.  She’s strictly a one slice a night girl.  No more, no less.  She asks for exactly what she needs.

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