3 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Focused on Jesus at Christmas

December is finally here, and that means the Christmas rush is on. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest, and that can make it challenging to help your family stay focused on Jesus.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you recapture breakfast, dinner and bedtime to keep Jesus front and center over the next few weeks.


Breakfast Time: Finding Jesus Game

See this baby Jesus figure?  Well, you won’t see him for long. That’s because every night after my kids go to bed, I hide it somewhere in plain sight. Their job is to see who can be the first to find Jesus the next morning. Simple as that.

The Finding Jesus game creates a fun excuse to keep Jesus in the center of our day. Around our breakfast table, you’ll hear phrases like:

  • Anyone seen Jesus yet today?
  • Better keep an eye out for Him.
  • Wonder where He’s going to turn up next?

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Christmas Prayer Activity

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One of the great things about the Christmas season is that it’s a wonderful time to share with our kids about the birth of Jesus. Our kids need to know, however, that God didn’t just step into our world long ago in Bethlehem.  He still steps into our world today, and He usually does it through followers of Jesus like you and me.

Christmas is a great chance to bring Jesus into our everyday lives.  That’s why I created this Up, In & Out Christmas prayer activity to help families imitate the life of Jesus throughout the Christmas season.

Remember, Jesus had three primary sets of relationships:

  • An Up relationship with His Father God
  • An In relationship with the disciples
  • An Out relationship with those who didn’t yet know God

As we help our families become more like Jesus, we can use Up, In and Out to copy of the life of Jesus at Christmas and beyond.

Here’s how it works.

Download the Triangle Christmas Printable where you’ll find a variety of Up, In and Out boxes your family can pray over each night in December.

Up In Out

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Silent Night, Opening Night


For several years our church put on a big Christmas show for kids and families.   Between the drama, choreography, costumes and sets these musicals were always a big deal and always a blast.  But one thing I learned quickly about productions, the bigger the show, the earlier you have to get the ball rolling.

This meant that back in June I’d start listening to Christmas music.   By July I’d have to start the script.  In September we would cast the show.  In October we’d start rehearsals.  In the midst of all of this we’d have to get people working on costumes, sets and props.

When opening night arrived, though, it was all worth it.   All of the months of hard work finally paid off the minute the lights came up on the stage and the show began.   Live theater at Christmas was absolute magic.

Of course when it comes to the Christmas story, the principles of preparation and payoff are nothing new.  The story of Jesus’ birth began a whole lot earlier than Bethlehem.  “Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ” (Ephesians 1:4 NLT).

Like I said, the bigger the production, the earlier you have to get the ball rolling.  What God was going to do through Jesus was beyond the scope of anything we could imagine.   All the power and awesomeness of deity would one day be wrapped in an infant’s fragile flesh.  Kind of a big deal.

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