Infection Collection

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You don’t have to be around kids long to realize how much they love to collect things.  You name it, they’ll collect it: baseball cards, video games, comic books, dolls, coins, seashells, rocks and more.  That’s why it was sheer genius a few years ago when the Center for Disease Control issued their first set of infectious disease trading cards.  Yep, that’s what I said.  Infectious disease trading cards.

Collect all of your favorites!  West Nile Virus!  Avian Flu!  Tuberculosis!  Lyme Disease!  Oh, and don’t forget the rare salmonellosis.  I heard his rookie card went for big money on E-bay last year.

Just imagine the conversations on the playground once kids get their hands on these.

“I’ll trade you a rabies for a staph infection.”

“No way, everybody has rabies.  I’m holding out for anthrax!”

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