A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Nigeria

Mallory is the funniest person I know with a brain tumor.  When she was in the hospital, one our friends made her a business card that said, “Hi, my name’s Mallory.  I have a brain tumor.  Bring me a Coke.”  

She presented it to hospital staff every chance she got.  It worked like a charm. 

I’ve served on a church staff with Mal over the past eight years, and shared an office suite with for much of that time.  Five years ago, I watched her life take a horrible turn and have been blown away at how she’s handled it. 

I remember one of her first weeks back in the office after her surgery.  She forgot something her boss had asked her to do and replied with her trademark dry delivery, “What do you expect?  I have a brain tumor.” 

Anyone who can make fun of something that scary gets my vote for living a life less traveled.   Humor and tumor generally don’t go together. 

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