Change Is In the Air


I took my family to an arts fair at a local park on Sunday, and it felt like a thousand degrees in the shade.  The place was packed with people, which just made it hotter.  It was such a scorcher I had to carry my dog across the parking lot to keep her from burning her paws.

On days like that, autumn seems like a distant mirage.   Who could imagine throwing on a sweater or making s’mores by a bonfire when the temperature is pushing 90?

Yet, there I was at the arts fair standing in line for ice cream, when I saw it.  A single leaf see-sawing its way down from the tree above.  It’s coming, I thought.  Believe it or not, autumn really is on its way.

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Better Late Than Never


Last fall, I had a yard full of pumpkin vines but no pumpkins in site. My daughter wanted to plant them in the spring, but we got them out late so we knew it was a race against the clock. The vines were sprawling. They invaded a good-sized chunk of our back yard but didn’t look like they were doing much more than killing the grass.

However, I’m an optimist at heart, and I love my daughter so I let it go through October. By the day before Halloween, though, I thought it was time to give up the ghost, so to speak. If the vines hadn’t produced anything by now, it was game over.

My daughter was disappointed to say the least. She’d put all that time into planting, watering and checking on them for months, and by October she was emotionally invested.

I had to explain to her it just wasn’t in the cards. We’d have to try to again next year.

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