Family Christmas Devotions on iTunes

nativity.jpgChristmas may be the most wonderful time of the year, but when you have kids at home, it can also be the craziest.  It’s hard to find time in the busy holiday season to make sure Jesus is the center of your celebration.

I just uploaded a new series of Christmas devotions on iTunes to make that a little bit easier.

Whether you’re traveling with your family or just on the go, you can listen to the Backstage Bethlehem whenever it’s convenient.

Episode 1 – No Ordinary Baby

We’re all familiar with the cute image of baby Jesus at Christmas, but there’s so much more to Jesus than that.  In this episode we will pull back the curtain on Christmas and take a look at who Jesus really is.

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Episode 2 – Best King Ever

Jesus isn’t just a King, but the King of Kings, the best King ever!  In this episode we will discover what it means in our lives that Jesus is still on his throne.

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Episode 3 – God With Us

The Christmas story also tells us that Jesus is called Immanuel, God with us.  In this devotion, we will dive into what it means that God came to earth to be with his people.

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Episode 4 – Savior

Jesus didn’t just come to be a great teacher or do amazing miracles.  He came to save the world.  We will wrap up the Backstage Bethlehem series by talking about how Jesus came to set us free.

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If you’d prefer the Backstage Bethlehem series, you can find them here at my family devotional blog,

I hope you enjoy these devotions and have a wonderful Christmas!

Family Devotion: How Loud Is Your Life?


If you ever met Andrew, you would never have guessed how loud he could be.  I met him the year I taught a 5th grade boys’ Sunday School class. In case you don’t know any 5th grade boys, let me assure you, they have no problem being loud.  It turned out, though, by the end of the year, Andrew was the loudest one of all.

But like I said, you would have never guessed it by meeting him.  Andrew wasn’t shy, but he was definitely soft-spoken, polite and never acted up in class.  One day, at the end of the school year, however, his mom took me aside and told me just how loud Andrew could be.  

She told me how his teacher asked him to stay after class one day because she wanted to talk to him.  If you’ve ever had a teacher want to talk to you after class, you know that rarely goes well, but Andrew’s case was an exception.

The teacher said, “I’ve been watching you all year, and you are different than every boy in this class.  When the other boys make fun of someone, you stand up for them. When others complain about homework, you don’t join in.  When I ask for someone to help, you’re the first person to volunteer. You’re kind and loving to everyone in class. I just have to know, why are you so different?”

Andrew shared with teacher that he loved Jesus and just tried to be like him and treat people the way Jesus would.  His teacher wasn’t friends with Jesus, but she asked Andrew where he went to church and said she’d like to visit sometime.  

That was twenty years ago.  I don’t know whatever happened to that teacher or to Andrew, but I bet he kept on being loud.   See, Andrew knew how to be loud even when he was being quiet. His life and actions told people about Jesus without even saying a word.  

The Bible talks a lot about living like Andrew.  Jesus’ friend Peter once wrote, “People who do not believe are living all around you. They might say that you are doing wrong. So live good lives. Then they will see the good things you do, and they will give glory to God on the day when Christ comes again” (1 Peter 2:12 ICB).

In a world full of selfishness, a person who lives a quiet life serving Jesus and others can really stand out from the crowd.  Think about your own life. If you had a been a 5th grader in Andrew’s class, what would his teacher have said about you?  What would your life tell her about God?   

This week, think about how you can be loud with your life without even saying a word.  Then, if you do get a chance to tell someone about the hope you have in Jesus, your life will prove that your words are true.


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