Holiday Road Christmas Devotional Now Available on Kindle & Nook


We just released Holiday Road: A Christmas Devotional on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook earlier this week. Now, not only can you read it on your Kindle, phone or tablet but, for any of you who are in the same stage of life that I am, you can also adjust the font to create your own large print version!

I love this option because it’s a great way for me to pretend like I’m not hitting middle age. Who needs bifocals when you can enlarge your ebook to a 72 point font?

Hooray for technology that allows me to live in denial!

Better Late Than Never


Last fall, I had a yard full of pumpkin vines but no pumpkins in site. My daughter wanted to plant them in the spring, but we got them out late so we knew it was a race against the clock. The vines were sprawling. They invaded a good-sized chunk of our back yard but didn’t look like they were doing much more than killing the grass.

However, I’m an optimist at heart, and I love my daughter so I let it go through October. By the day before Halloween, though, I thought it was time to give up the ghost, so to speak. If the vines hadn’t produced anything by now, it was game over.

My daughter was disappointed to say the least. She’d put all that time into planting, watering and checking on them for months, and by October she was emotionally invested.

I had to explain to her it just wasn’t in the cards. We’d have to try to again next year.

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Holiday Road Devotional Series

I used to know a family whose kids hated taking down their Christmas tree so much that their mom bought a second tree to keep up all year around.  They called it their holiday tree.

In December they decorated it for Christmas, but in January, they converted it to a Valentine’s tree.   By spring it was decked out for Easter, and in the summer it was a patriotic red, white and blue.  And on and on it went.

I’m kind of like that family, but instead of decorating trees, I keep writing books, and I hope you’ll join me for the journey.  As we travel down the holiday road we’ll discover a God who is faithful in every season of life and the many reasons He gives us to celebrate each and every day.

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Holiday Road: a Christmas Devotional


The Holiday Road Christmas devotional debuted Christmas 2016 in paperback and will be available in ebook September 2017.

Tales From the Pumpkin Patch: A Holiday Road Devotional


The Holiday Road autumn devotional, Tales from the Pumpkin Patch, will be available in paperback and ebook in October 2017.

Spring, Summer & Winter

You can expect three more books in the Holiday Road devotional series focused on Spring and Summer coming in 2018.