Holiday Road Devotional Series

I used to know a family whose kids hated taking down their Christmas tree so much that their mom bought a second tree to keep up all year around.  They called it their holiday tree.

In December they decorated it for Christmas, but in January, they converted it to a Valentine’s tree.   By spring it was decked out for Easter, and in the summer it was a patriotic red, white and blue.  And on and on it went.

I’m kind of like that family, but instead of decorating trees, I keep writing books, and I hope you’ll join me for the journey.  As we travel down the holiday road we’ll discover a God who is faithful in every season of life and the many reasons He gives us to celebrate each and every day.

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Holiday Road: a Christmas Devotional


The Holiday Road Christmas devotional debuted Christmas 2016 in paperback and will be available in ebook September 2017.

Tales From the Pumpkin Patch: A Holiday Road Devotional


The Holiday Road autumn devotional, Tales from the Pumpkin Patch, will be available in paperback and ebook in October 2017.

Spring, Summer & Winter

You can expect three more books in the Holiday Road devotional series focused on Spring and Summer coming in 2018.