Best Surprise Ever 7: Surprising Life

Surprising Life

This is Part Seven in a seven-part series of family devotions leading up to Easter.  Here is Part OnePart Two, Part ThreePart Four, Part Five and Part Six if you need to catch up.  

Verse to Remember:  The Spirit of the God who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you. So the God who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your bodies. He will do this because of his Spirit who lives in you.  – Romans 8:11 (NIrV)

Big Idea:  Jesus is alive forever, and I can live with him forever too.  

Have you ever had bad news turn into good news?  Imagine your mom made a fresh batch of cookies, but your brother or sister ate them before you could have any.  Bad news, right? But then what if your mom felt sorry for you and made a whole plate of cookies just for you? That’s good news.  

Or how about this?  Imagine you were supposed to go horseback riding, but the trip got rained out.  Bad news, right? But then, what if you got up the next day to discover that your grandpa bought you your very own pony?  Wow, that would be good news!

Jesus’ friends had to deal with some bad news too.  It was much worse than someone eating your cookies or a rainy day ruining your plans.  Their friend, their leader, their teacher, Jesus, was dead.

Jesus’ friends were so incredibly sad.  They had been following Jesus for years, watching him do amazing things like walk on water and heal sick people and even bring dead people back to life.  They had learned from him and laughed with him. They loved him, but now he was gone.

This wasn’t just bad news.  It was the worst news ever.

But then, something incredible happened.  The worst news of all time turned into the best news of all time.  

The Bible says on that first Easter morning, Jesus’ body lay dead in a tomb.  A massive stone sealed the entrance, and Roman soldiers stood guard outside. Jesus’ friends were scared and hiding.  All hope seemed lost.

Then God went to work.  The ground began to rumble and shake.  The soldiers didn’t know what was happening.  Suddenly, a strange warrior appeared out of nowhere, his clothes crackling with energy, the power and glory of God.  

When the soldiers saw the mighty angel, they were terrified and fell to the ground.  Then, the angel rolled back the stone that sealed the tomb, and revealed the best surprise ever waiting inside.  

Jesus was alive. 

The stone wasn’t big enough.  The guards weren’t tough enough and death wasn’t strong enough to hold Jesus back. Now Jesus is alive forever, and no one and nothing can ever hurt him again.  

You want to know the best part of the best surprise ever?  If we follow Jesus, that same power that raised him from the dead is inside of us.  So we don’t have to be afraid of bad news. We don’t even have to be afraid of death, because we will live forever with Jesus.

This Easter, party like you never have before.  Thank God for the best surprise ever. Celebrate what Jesus did for you on the cross, that he is alive, and you are alive with him today.  


God, thank you for the best surprise ever.  Thank you that Jesus is alive, and I will be alive forever with him because of your love and power.  Amen.

Talk About It

  1. What is your favorite part about Easter?
  2. Can you think of a time you got some bad news?  
  3. How about some good news?
  4. What makes Jesus’ resurrection the best surprise ever?

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