3 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Focused on Jesus at Christmas

December is finally here, and that means the Christmas rush is on. It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also the busiest, and that can make it challenging to help your family stay focused on Jesus.

Here are a few simple ideas to help you recapture breakfast, dinner and bedtime to keep Jesus front and center over the next few weeks.


Breakfast Time: Finding Jesus Game

See this baby Jesus figure?  Well, you won’t see him for long. That’s because every night after my kids go to bed, I hide it somewhere in plain sight. Their job is to see who can be the first to find Jesus the next morning. Simple as that.

The Finding Jesus game creates a fun excuse to keep Jesus in the center of our day. Around our breakfast table, you’ll hear phrases like:

  • Anyone seen Jesus yet today?
  • Better keep an eye out for Him.
  • Wonder where He’s going to turn up next?

After my kids find the baby Jesus figure, we put it back on our mantle ready to be hidden for the next day. Once the game is over, we use it to remind each other to look for Jesus all day long and watch for His activity throughout each day.

Dinner Time: Triangle Prayer Activity

photo (12)

The dinner table provides another great excuse to connect spiritually with your family. Here is an easy prayer activity you can do each night at dinner to help your family worship, pray for their Christian friends and pray for those who don’t yet know God.

Bedtime: Christmas Devotional

Finally, it’s fun to end the day by snuggling up and reading from the Bible together.   If you’re looking for a free resource to help you focus that time, check out my new Christmas devotional, God’s Big Christmas Adventure.


God’s Big Christmas Adventure has a family devotion for each week leading up to Christmas with a couple of special bonus devotions for Christmas night and New Year’s Eve.  You can download God’s Big Christmas Adventure here.

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