The God In the Hat

This Saturday is the birthday of the greatest author of all time. No, not Hemingway, Dickens or Tolstoy. The guy I’m talking about is way out of their league. When it comes to literary heavyweights no one compares to the one, the only Seuss.

In his 87 years on earth Dr. Seuss gave the world dozens of quirky, classic tales that are absolute masterpieces. Seriously, how many people do you know who have actually read Hemingway, Dickens or Tolstoy? Or read them more than once because they had to for a class? But Seuss? Everybody’s read Seuss, and most of us with kids have read him not just once but dozens of times.

Seuss is the reason I write because he made fall in love with words. But more that, I love Seuss because I feel like I’ve lived his stories.

Take The Cat In the Hat, for example. It’s the story of two bored kids trapped in the house on a “cold, cold, wet day.”

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, in bounds the wild, whimsical cat in the hat who turns their world upside-down. I love this story because I think sometimes God is a little like the cat. He loves to sweep into our everyday, average lives and create a little holy chaos.

Remember nice, respectable Mary, pledged to be married to Joseph? Her life turned upside-down when an angel appeared and said, “Hey, you’re going to be the mom of the Son of God.” Peter and Andrew were working the family fishing business when they had their cat in the hat moment. “Come follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Saul was on his way to beat up some Christians when Jesus appeared to him in a blinding light and sent him off to tell the world about God.

Over and over again when I find myself comfortable in my faith, God loves to pounce. Just when I think I have life figured out, God gives me a shove, a challenge, an opportunity, an invitation to follow Him into unknown territory.

Like the fish in the story, who is a stickler for order, I protest and resist every step of the way. Yet without the interruptions of Heaven, my life is dull, my faith is shallow, and I never get to experience the thrill of truly being alive.

So happy birthday, Dr. Seuss. Thanks for all the fantastic stories and for reminding me to welcome the unexpected moments that lead to adventure and truly experiencing God.

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