What NOT to say when opening a bad gift

Ever open a present that’s not quite you (or is downright lousy) and not know what to say?  Well, I can’t help you there, but I can tell you what NOT to say when opening a bad gift:

1)     It’s the thought that counts, but what were you thinking?

2)     Hey, I saw this on the clearance rack too!

3)     Can I just have the three dollars instead?

4)     Two words. Re. Gift.

5)     On what planet is this a good idea?

6)      Oh, did you make this?

7)      You shouldn’t have!  Seriously.

8)     Is there a gift receipt?

9)     Wow, this is even tackier than last year’s present!

10)   At least the wrapping paper was nice.

11)   This will look great in the back of my closet.

12)   Just what I always wanted!  What is it?

13)   Did I mention I like gift cards?

14)   Great!  I have a white elephant party next week.

15)   I sure am glad I spent four times as much on you.

16)   Is this a joke?  No, really . . . is it?

17)   Are you sure the junk yard won’t miss this?

18)   I can’t wait to get this out of the basement every time you come to visit.

19)   Did I open the wrong gift?

20)   Oh well, better luck next year!

I hope these help you to avoid some unfortunate holiday blunders. For a more spiritual approach to receiving gifts, check out my last post, Receiving Christmas.

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