Holiday Switcheroo

Well, here we are again, almost to the third week of November, and all we see is
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. It’s same old story. The moment the Halloween
masks disappear off the store shelves, they’re replaced by Christmas trees and
wrapping paper. Ironically, Thanksgiving gets nothing but leftovers. This poor holiday
doesn’t even have its own songs and movies. Thanksgiving is nothing more than a
speed bump on the way to Santa and Silent Night.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas, but if Thanksgiving were a pet, we’d all get
turned in for neglect.

So I say it’s time to change all that. I say it’s time to pull a little Robin Hood action and
take from the rich and give to the poor. I say it’s time for the redistribution of some
major holiday wealth. I’m proposing that we simply take a few songs and movies from
Christmas and give them to Thanksgiving. It’s not like Christmas will miss them. It has

Here’s what it would look like. Instead of Deck the Halls, we’ll sing Deck the Fall. The
Little Drummer Boy will become The Little Drumstick Boy. And, of course, O Christmas
Tree will become O Cranberry.

See what I mean? It’s easy!

The movies would be even better. Who wouldn’t want to watch these beloved holiday
classics? First up is A Thanksgiving Carol, the story of a grumpy vegetarian who is
visited by three ghostly pilgrims and encouraged to eat poultry. After that, we’d have
Frosty the Canned Yam, a wonderful cartoon about a lovable yam who comes to life
when topped with magic marshmallows. Finally, you won’t want to miss It’s a Wonderful
Wife, a movie about an angel who visits Paula Dean’s husband and shows him how
lame his Thanksgiving dinner would be if he had married another woman.

Hopefully by now you can see how my fair and balanced approach to holiday media
would give Thanksgiving the attention it truly deserves. But if none of this comes to
pass, I guess that’s okay too, because you don’t need movies and songs to be truly
thankful to God for all He’s given you. In fact, you don’t even need a holiday. Just a
simple prayer to give credit to the One who provides for us all.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is that it’s an any time, anywhere kind of thing. In
fact, you can even start today. Thanksgiving is always just one prayer away.

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