My Great-Grandfather was Batman

I’m sure this will come as quite a shock, but it’s time for the world to know the truth.  Batman is in my blood.  My great-grandfather’s name was Robert S. Batman, which, let’s face it, is pretty awesome.  How many people can honestly say they are related to Batman?  Christian Bale’s family doesn’t count.  He’s just an actor.  I am descended from the real McCoy.  Batman was on his birth certificate.

But here’s the weird part.  As a kid, I hardly ever thought about it, which is bizarre considering I was an absolute comic book nut.  I lived, ate and breathed super-heroes.  I watched every Adam West Batman episode a hundred times over.  I even had my own cape, rope and homemade grappling hook.

The only time I can remember thinking about the fact that my granddad was a Batman was when he’d get the occasional prank call.  It went something like, “Is this Batman’s?  It is?  Can I talk to Robin?  Hahahaha!”  I guess when you’re Batman you’re bound  to get a few jokers.

Here was the problem.  I’d seen his name, spoken his name and thought his name so many times that the familiarity made me forget how incredible of a name he really had.   In fact, I hadn’t thought about it in years until a cousin of mine posted a picture of him on Facebook a few weeks ago.  Immediately, someone commented, “You’re related to Batman?!”

That reminded me of how easy it is to let familiarity dull your wonder.  As a comic book crazed kid, I should have been blown away that my granddad’s name was Batman.  Instead I barely gave it a second thought.

The funny thing is that I find I do the same thing with God.  When you read the names of God in the Bible, they’re breath-taking.   El Roy.  The God who sees.   El Shaddai.  God almighty.  Jehovah-Jireh.  God the provider.   I know God to be all of these things in my life.  I know He is the God who sees my circumstances, is powerful enough to answer my prayers and provides for my every need.

And yet, like with my Granddad Batman, because God is so familiar, I sometimes forget how awesome His name really is.  That’s when I miss out.  That’s when my familiarity cheats me of experiencing all that God is and wants to be in my life.

As fantastic as it is to have a superhero great-grandfather, it’s even better to have a heavenly Dad who also happens to be the King of the universe.  When I call on His name, He answers and brings all the resources of heaven to help His child in need.  No bat signal necessary.

2 thoughts on “My Great-Grandfather was Batman

  1. Pretty good stuff. I think that is why so many people, such as myself, who grow up in a Christian home find it so difficult to truly stay strong in our faith — we’re just so familiar with it that we forget the “wow!” factor. We forget that the God of the universe is our father. And as cool as it is that you’re related to Batman (that’s so awesome by the way!) its nothing in comparison to who Christ is and the love that He has shown us.

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