Thanksgiving Challenge Day 6

This is the sixth in a series of short posts I’m doing between now and Thanksgiving to help me establish the habit of daily thankfulness.

Today I’m thankful for getting things done.  I’m a great starter but a poor finisher by nature, so I have to work really hard to complete big projects.  The quicker I can finish something the better.  The longer a project drags out the more anxious I get because I know my tendency is not to finish well.  This weekend I finished putting together the manuscript for my first e-book.  It still needs some editing and an introduction, but the heavy lifting is done!


Thanks for the feeling of satisfaction that comes from finishing big things.  Thank you for giving me self-discipline that I don’t naturally possess to see things through to the end.  I’m also grateful that You’ve promised to complete your work in me as you continue to shape me into the guy You’ve made me to be. 




What’s the last big task you’re thankful for finishing?

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