Thanksgiving Challenge Day 5

This is the fifth in a series of short posts I’m doing between now and Thanksgiving to help me establish the habit of daily thankfulness.  I wrote this to post yesterday, but a glitch in my blogging app delayed the post. 

Today I’m thankful for air hockey playing cats.  We found this old table top air hockey table when cleaning out our closets the other day, and my cat is addicted to it.  He totally hijacked the game.  He’s convinced the puck is some form of rodent.  The only bad part is that he beat me five games to four.  I should have never put money down on it. 


Thanks for pets who make our days unpredictable and fun.  I’m grateful for the animals you’ve brought into my life over the years and for the hours of entertainment and companionship I owe to my fuzzy little friends.



What funny pet moments are you thankful for?

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