Thanksgiving Challenge Day 4

This morning the lightbulb blew out in our bathroom and I didn’t have time to change it because it’s hard to reach.  That’s why I still hadn’t changed the one that blew last week either.  So,  I ended up taking a shower and shaving by candlelight.  I told my wife I felt like Abraham Lincoln.  She told me she didn’t think Abraham Lincoln had a shower.  

It made me think about all of the people who lost power in the snowstorms last week and people around the world who live with very little access to electricity.  It also reminded me of my cousin who just got back from a mission trip to Haiti.   Compared to the rest of the world most of us live like kings.

Thanks that I get to live in a country with electricity and hot and cold running water.   I’m thankful  for all of those modern conveniences that we take for granted every day.  

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