What I’ve Learned So Far

Note to self:  If your wife says she doesn’t want anything for your anniversary, she’s lying.  She’s lying through her teeth.  What she really means is, “You should love me enough to know what I want.”

One year we had to replace a major appliance the week before our anniversary.  Christy told me, “We really shouldn’t spend any money on an anniversary present this year.”  I was dumb enough to believe her.   What she didn’t say, though, was I don’t want you to DO anything for our anniversary.  She didn’t rule out homemade cards, heartfelt letters or a candlelight dinner at home.  She didn’t say, “Blow off our anniversary.” 

Apparently, there’s a big difference. 

This month marks the one year anniversary of the Life Less Traveled.  Because I don’t want any of you  walking away feeling forgotten, I thought I’d take a minute to say happy anniversary and thanks for an incredible year.  When I started writing this column, I had no idea how much I’d learn along the way.  Here are a few lessons that God’s taught me from writing the Life Less Traveled.

1.  Life is about paying attention.

Writing about life is a blessing because it forces me to stop and pay attention.  I think busyness is the number one enemy of my soul.  I have so much to do every day that I know I miss some beautiful moments God wants me to enjoy along the way.  Because I have a weekly deadline to write this column, though, it’s forced me to stop and look at what’s happening all around me.  It’s forced me to constantly ask the question, “What can I learn from my life?”

2.  God speaks through our stories.

Everyone’s life is a collection of great stories.  Everyone.  Our stories don’t have to be big to be significant.  I’ve written about some of the dumbest things that have ever happened to me, yet it seems like God had something to say to me in each of them.  You don’t have to be a celebrity to lead an interesting life.  Life is what you make of it.  What’s God saying through your everyday adventures?

 3.  We all need to lighten up.

The more I write about life, the more I realize that how funny it is.  I believe we all take ourselves way more seriously than we should.  Yes, people have real challenges that aren’t remotely funny, but, honestly, most of us get frustrated and whine about things that don’t matter at all.  People cutting us off in traffic.  Someone hurting our feelings or stepping on our pride.  Most days I just need to lighten up, laugh more and be thankful to be alive. 

I’m thankful most of all for all of you who’ve been reading.  My favorite part of this column has been hearing from so many of you about what God has been up to in your life.  Every time I get an e-mail from you, it blows my mind to hear how God used some of these stories.   

So, happy anniversary, guys, and thanks.  You’ve given me way more this last year than I could have given you.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for each of us we begin another year living a life less traveled.

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