Unhandy Manny

Last fall I tried to tile my bathroom, not exactly an easy job for an amateur.   To be honest, I’d be lucky to tile a Scrabble board.   The project ended in total disaster, so I had to call in Miles who work with tiles (no kidding) to come and save the day.   If the opposite of a handy man is an unhandy man, that would be me, Unhandy Manny.  All of my hard work had been totally pointless.  I was completely exhausted with nothing to show for my effort except a bill and a sore back.

I’ve come to expect this when it comes to home improvement, but it’s really frustrating when this happens in other areas of my life. 

Have you ever found yourself in a season where you’re exhausted, but you just can’t seem to get anything done?  It’s like no matter how much you work, you feel like you’re just treading water. If you’re like me, maybe it’s because you’re running ahead of God. 

Unless the Lord builds the house,
its builder labor in vain . . .
In vain you rise up early
and stay up late,
toiling for food to eat-
for He grants sleep
to those He loves.
 Psalm 127:1-2

Whether I’m working at my job, on my friendships or on my home life, there are times when I’m really taking time to let God lead me.  I’m carving out time to ask Him, “What next?” and to trust His timing.  I’m letting Him empower me to do life. 

Other times, not so much.  Other times, I’m just busy.  I hate busy.  Busy kills my soul, and ironically, I don’t get nearly as much done as when I slow down and invite God to lead my day.  I guess God is kind of like Miles who works with tiles, an expert craftsman who comes in and bails me out when I’ve reached the end of myself.

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