>I was sitting at a red light with my family today when I noticed the driver in the lane to my left looked like a friend of mine. I couldn’t be sure so I didn’t want to stare and make a fool of myself, but it got me wondering if I knew anyone else at the red light.

I glanced in the review at the couple behind me. I didn’t know them, but they were hilarious. The girl in the passenger seat was rocking out to some seriously groovy music. Either that or she was having a seizure. The guy driving her sat as still as stone, clearly unfazed by her antics. Across the intersection I could several other vehicles all with their own little stories playing out behind their windshields. I thought about how much fun I miss sitting at intersections because I don’t take the time to notice all that’s going on around me.

Life is full of intersections of all kinds, places where paths cross and interesting situations arise. It’s weird when I think about how many times I’ll read a Bible verse then encounter it in a song or a sermon or in a conversation later on that week. Sometimes one verse or key word pops up three or four times in the period of a couple of days. This creeps me out a little and forces me to ask myself if this is more than coincidence. Is it like when you buy a red car and suddenly the streets seem to be full of red cars? Is it that you notice things because you just happened to be focused on them, or is there more?

Maybe sometimes it’s coincidence. I believe that other times, not so much. Other times it is in these intersections, when coincidences begin to pile up like a wet snowfall, that I believe that God speaks.

Circumstances. Conversations. Sermons. Songs. Random Thoughts. When these begin to collide over and over again, I think it’s time to pay attention and at least ask the question, “God, what do you want me to notice?”

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